Blog Numero Uno, Officers 2016-2017

Hi all, this is Matty (EHSU President)!

Well, the four of us are coming to the end of our first two weeks now and thought it about time we started our sabbatical blogs, aimed to try and share a bit more about the role, with you, and increase awareness of what we do. We decided to start off with a shared blog between the four of us, document some of the training we have been involved in and some of the individual events, activities and meetings we have attended.

After next week, we will be taking it in turns to post a blog each week, in which we will delve more in to our individual roles, highlighting some key areas of interest we have taken part in throughout the month.

So I shall leave you with Rachel (VP Academic Representation) to start off and I hope you enjoy the read!


Hey Guys, Rachel here!

So this week we’ve had loads of fun getting stuck in after our residential. The residential was a great way for us to get clued up on the union’s ins and outs and make sure we’re ready to give you the best possible experience at Edge Hill this year! The biggest thing I’ve been super busy with is preparing our fresh look for the student rep system alongside Matty (SU President). This is such a key part of our job here at the union, making sure every student gets their voice heard. Reps are invaluable and I love how it’s a win-win all round – we get vital feedback to support our students, the university knows how to improve, and you guys get to walk away with a killer CV! I can’t wait to share it with all of you in the near future, so watch this space!

Much love,

Your fave VP Academic, Rach!


Hi Guys!

Week two is nearly over, yet it feels like we’ve been here so much longer… My main focus this week has been on planning and organising events for the year ahead. After sitting down with the previous VP Welfare not long ago, I feel confident that I have a good understanding on where Welfare is at and where it needs to go this year. All of my work at the moment is TOP SECRET. However, I would love to hear any more suggestions to make your year at Edge Hill even more incredible!!!

That’s all from me for now but, exciting times ahead!

Your VP Welfare, Lauren :’)


Hello there!

These first few weeks have been incredible! Between going to Wigan for training then to Warwick for the BUCS national conference…. It’s been a busy start but utterly amazing. The BUCS conference I attended was eye opening and thought provoking. Disruptive Innovation was the key theme throughout the conference and the various key note speakers (Including Princess Anne!!) put their own spin on what they thought disruptive innovation within sport should look like. Throughout the conference I was picking the brains of everyone seeing what works in their institutions. Networking with universities from all over the UK has got my brain filled with ideas on how to increase the student experience in sport here at EHU.

Alongside all this, I’m working with staff members to implement a Give It A Go event whereby societies and sport teams have a chance to … you guessed it… GIVE IT A GO. Keep an eye out, it’s coming soon. I really am looking forward to working with societies this year, another idea I would love to get going is a ‘Society on Tour’ programme but more about that in my next blog.

Hope everyone is having a sick summer and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Peace, Lee Arrowsmith VP activities.


Hi again,

I hope the VP’s have been able to give you a quick overview about what they have been up to these first two weeks.

As for myself I have been rather busy. The residential was a great experience to gather as much knowledge and training in the role. Perhaps the best setting for the event as even after training we had the opportunity to ask any burning questions we still had. I definitely feel much more adapt in my ability to tackle any issues and project our campaigns throughout the year.

Besides the residential I have been heavily involved in a lot of meetings early on in my term. On my first day in office I attended a Board of Governors meeting with Directorate and governors of the University (the highest board within university) giving reports on the running and projects of the Students’ Union. John Cater (Vice-Chancellor) and others were more than welcoming.

Rachel and myself took part in our first Academic Board. It was highly interesting to see progressions the University are taking along with recent updates such as the Teaching Excellence Framework consultation.

Finally, this morning I headed in to Ormskirk for a joint meeting between Edge Hill University and the West Lancashire Borough Council. Here I was privy to some more changes hopefully improving the local area, especially with regards to transport in to University for those who live off campus.

This finalises our first blog as your Full Time Officers, I hope you have had an interesting read and are a little more aware of just a number of things we do.

We have loads planned and are all looking forward to an exciting year!! We hope you are too…

See you all soon,

Matty, EHSU President.


Sabbs 2 2016-17


2 thoughts on “Blog Numero Uno, Officers 2016-2017

  1. Hi I need help with s secondary pgce maths, what is the best reading lists ? Where can I find them? What is the most important part of the module content? Can you link me with other students ? Please


    1. Hi Tarah,

      Great to see you are really keen.
      Do you have your login yet? If you do, you can find the complete reading list under the library section. If you would like to connect with other students you can do that through the online forum, also set up on the go.edgehill page. With regards to module content, you are best to contact your lecturer if you already have there details. If not I can try and find these for you?

      Hope this helps


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