What did YOU vote for?!

Hey guys,

What a crazy few months it’s been! From celebrating World Mental Health Day, to fighting for free education at the National Demo, to getting you guys informed at Housing Week just before Christmas. Today saw the fantastic success of Edge Hill’s first ever Pride March, with students from all across the university marching to show their support for the LGBT+ community. We LOVE engaged students and one of our great events in the new year has been our Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM). This saw the highest turnout at our Union’s AMM to date and we sure had a lot to talk about!

For those not in the know, AMM is basically an opportunity for any and all Edge Hill students to submit motions on what they think would make our University (and union!) better. Then any and all students are also invited to come and debate then vote on the motions put forward. All of these are then taken to our Exec Committee (all the officers) to be actioned. Easy peasy!

Below I have listed a little overview for you guys of each motion that was passed, but the full set of minutes will be published here. And of course our door is always open (upstairs in the hub), if you’d like to come and have a more in depth chat about any of the items, and anything else as well!

**Please note that this list is a reflection of the motions as they were passed at AMM -where amendments were made (and voted for), some may differ from original proposals**

  1. Puppy Rooms – an idea suggested by more than one of our students to host puppy rooms on campus for students to come and play with. It can relieve students from anxiety and also can socialise puppies training to be guide dogs, win win!
  2. Rolled over Catering credit – a suggestion to lobby the university to adopt a scheme where leftover catering credit is either rolled over refunded, hopefully leaving catered students feeling a little less out of pocket.
  3. Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free – policy to support our ongoing commitment to keeping Wednesday afternoons free for students to play sport or get involved in extracurricular activities. Woo student experience!
  4. Postgraduate Students Policy – an item to ensure we make commitments to having activities and services on campus that accommodate post grad students who might not be interested in typical “fresher” stuff.
  5. Trans & Non-Binary Officer – Another idea again suggested by a few students that would add another liberation officer to our team, increasing representation for transgender and non-binary students.
  6. Prices in the SUBar – For the Union to do some research and ask students what sorts of drinks deals they’d like to see.
  7. Free Film Friday – Increase the variety of films shown on Free Film Fridays and give more publicism to the votes.
  8. Ice Rink – To lobby the university for an ice rink on campus, giving us more variety as well as something the public can use too.
  9. Indoor Hockey Opportunities – Lobby the University to provide better opportunities for indoor hockey.
  10. Enhance the Gym – To work alongside the university to make the gym more inclusive, look at a Boxing Gym, and ask for the glass around the pool to be frosted (or similar so that passers by can’t see in).
  11. Launderette Costs – asking the union to look at practices that will make the launderette easier, better and where possible cheaper for students. (*A lot is already in motion about this – look out for updates in our upcoming blogs!*)
  12. Autonomy for Liberation Campaigns – a proposal to create Liberation Committees to support the work of, and hold to account each of our liberation officers.
  13. Increase Student Governor Representation – To lobby the university to add another student governor position to the board of governors (the highest board in the university) with the hopes for wider representation and a bigger student voice.
  14. Sports Congress – Create a sports congress made up of two members of every SU sports team, chaired by the VP Activities, increasing consultation that can increase the quality of sports we provide.

So lots of wonderful ideas to instigate some really great changes on campus! Exec Committee will be meeting this coming Monday (Feb 13th) and discussing how all of these will be taken forward. But just a little note from all of us at EHSU to say thank you very much for every who submitted policies, came along or just supported motions. Unions are run by students for students and it’s great to see so many people involved. That’s all from us for now, so have a wonderful weekend and watch this space to see how all of this unravels!!

Your officer team :)


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