Rosie Makes a Post: Student Grub

Hey Edgehillians!

Tell me something, why don’t students (in general,) cook?

I know we’ve just moved away form home, and living on a diet of super noodles, take away and all forms of alcohol we can get our hands on seems like a good idea, but after the freshers 15 (as in, the roughly 15 pounds one puts on in the first semester of university,) and the lethargy associated with bad diet and no exercise, surely we should start to maybe-kind-of-almost consider learning to actually cook for ourselves?

Now, I’m no expert, and I’m not one to preach. I’ve gained roughly two stone since starting university which completely boils down to laziness and being broke. I couldn’t be bothered to learn to cook, and frankly veg is expensive. It’s cheaper and easier to eat crap. The downside being, you feel like crap. It’s generally just, well, crap.

eat your feels

So, what’s the solution?

Well, we at Edge Hill Students’ Union may have found one.

There’s a company called Student Grub, who locally source fruit and veg, supply you with a simple recipe to follow, and deliver it to your doorstep.

Their grub boxes make six meals, so either you can feed yourself and five friends, or feed yourself for six days, (and on the 7th treat yourself to a takeaway, a meal out, or go back to the old faithful: super noodles.) Easy. And all for roughly the same price as a dominos pizza. They also offer deals, for example you can order a terms worth of boxes for £110, and be assured that you’re getting good, local food for 10 weeks.

harry potter clap

But I wouldn’t be praising this company if I hadn’t tried the food myself.

I got the ‘Yee Haaaaa’ Veggie Chili box.

2015-08-17 10.46.04 2015-08-17 10.46.40

Here’s what was inside, as well as the veg required to make the chili Student Grub included a packet of pre-mixed spices, so you don’t have to worry about measuring or anything.

The instructions were easy to follow, there’s nothing too complicated about chopping vegetables and throwing them in a pan. That being said, make sure you have a good, big pot and/or pan, and the only thing not included in the box is cooking oil, so make sure you get some of that in prior to starting.

Yes, I figured out how to make a GIF of frying vegetables. #winning

I toasted some ciabatta bread to go along with this, (which sounds fancy but I bought in Aldi, so, not really.) And it was super tasty. And I got a real sense of accomplishment, knowing that I’d cooked it myself.

I stuck the rest in the fridge, and then that’s what I had for dinner for the next five nights, pairing it with bread, rice, or just on its own was good too. It took about 3 minutes to heat up in the microwave.


So, in summary, just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health! If you eat crap, you’ll feel crap, if you eat well, you’ll feel well! And there’s a way to do that without breaking the bank, (and without having to be a master-chef, although you may feel like one after whipping up your first self-cooked meal.)

gordon ramsey

For more information you can visit the Student Grub website, or look out for them during Freshers fair!


Rosie Makes a Post: Stats, campaigns & cake!

Hey Edgehillians!

If any of you follow me on twitter, (which you totally should BTW, @EHSUvpAcRep) you’ll know that yesterday I was out of office at NUS NSS training!

The NSS is the National Student Survey, which leaving students are encouraged to fill out at the end of their degree. It consists of 22 questions about the university and your experience, and then one question about the Students’ Union, and your overall satisfaction with it.


I know, it’s exciting stuff.

So, what training did I have to do on it?

As well as learning about potential uses and limitations of the NSS, we covered how to work the spreadsheets of data, how to search for specific groups and demographics, how to compare and contrast different types of students against others to see how satisfied they are with their student experience, and how to create heat maps with data.


… It may sound complicated, and at the start I was totally lost, but I soon got the hang of it! (Thank you BTEC essential skills ICT.)

I’m actually really looking forward to getting stuck into analyzing what the students felt were the least satisfactory parts of their university experience, and then running campaigns on those issues!


On another note, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. I turned 21 today. And what better way to spend it than planning a campaign based on some of the stats I saw in the NSS data!!!


…. I lead a lonely existence, and I’m fine with that.

With September fast approaching, and the imminent arrival of most of our student body, we’ve been excitedly laying out our plans, so we’re prepared for the onslaught of welcome week, and freshers!


It’s not actually that bad. (I lied, it is.) But regardless, I’m so excited for term to begin!


Until next time!

Update from the… ummmmm…. Whitehouse!?!?

Long Day

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog and so much has been going on that I don’t even know where to begin! I must make you aware that this blog may take a more serious tone than the one previous due to what’s been happening!

Last week I attended NUS Lead & Change with our very lovely VP Welfare, Lauren. The conference would split into two; one for the welfare sabbs and one for presidents or those in similar position. Sooooooo, where to begin?

Who are youWhat is or who are NUS??

I’d read a few publications by NUS, inherently knew who they were due to my position and done a little research and was pretty much of the understanding they were the governing body of Students’ Unions (A FIFA like organisation, without the corruption).

They are the forefront of the student movement. They help Unions and Sabbatical officer try to shape education in a way which is free from discrimination for everyone. They educate us, and help us lead movements to challenge anything which violates our rights as students; and for the most part, they do a good job of it.

OffenceThe Positives of Lead & Change

I’ve been conscious about putting out a blog on this conference as I was wary of the fact it may offend some people, but when I thought about it I just thought you all deserved to know my honest opinion. I took very little positives from the conference, and I think for a lot of those on the presidents’ course that was the case.

The conference itself provided me with very little to take back to our Union. However, what it did provide was a platform to network with so many fantastic sabbs, and pinch ideas to take back here and shape into our own. I met some of the most inspirational people I’d ever met at the conference, they challenged my ideas, got me to think deep about different issues, got me to think about our constitution here at EHSU and I left feeling more educated on student issues and rights, and more prepared for my year ahead.

NegativeThe Negatives of Lead & Change

I really struggle to pin point exact negatives from the conference, but what I do know is that I did not enjoy the experience as much as I should have, or at least as much as I was told I would.

The overall theme of the presidents (or similar positions) conference was to learn how to be a leader, something I had a massive problem with. The idea that I am a leader of our students, and in turn should learn how to be a leader seems pretty ridiculous to me. I am not the leader of our students, if anything the students are the leaders of our Union, something I feel very passionate about.

I disagreed with the overall theme of the conference, and would have preferred to be educated on real life student issues, how to go about tackling them and past examples to take back to our Union. The workshops did this to some extent, and it’s just a shame the whole conference wasn’t filled with those workshops.

LearningWhat I’ve learnt

It may seem all doom and gloom from the above, but it’s really not! I learnt so much, so much that it’s hard to keep putting it in this blog.

Prevent; By far the best workshop I went on. It was voluntary, and wasn’t originally scheduled. The workshop made me realise how much we need a Black Students’ Officer in our Union, a position no one ran for last election. We need someone to be here to represent our BME students and ensure prevent doesn’t become an issue at Edge Hill. To find out what Prevent is, look on here!

Consent; I met an amazing Woman’s officer from down south who had so many great ideas and literature to boost our consent campaign. We’ve kept in touch and she’s sent me over some fantastic material to help us here at Edge Hill.

Media; I also attended a media workshop which taught us how to go about dealing with the media in crisis situations. This workshop was amazing, and really prepared me for life as president. Here’s an example of great media interaction in a crisis situation;

Friends; I made a small, but amazing group of friends who I feel can help me so much in my future year. I’ve already been picking their brains for ideas on liberation campaigns, along with ideas on how to change our constitution for the better. Watch this space!!

What have you doneAnd finally…. What else have we been up to?

Today I’ve met with NUS LGBT+ officer Robbie to discuss bridging the gap between our sports teams and the LGBT+ society, something I’m incredibly passionate about. I can’t go into specifics, but we have a big year ahead!

During the week I’ve also been meeting with charities who deal with drug and alcohol addiction, to try to get some ideas on how to raise awareness to legal & illegal highs at Uni, and how to install some form of help for addicts of any substance at University.

Finally…. We’ve been working on running Edge Hill’s first ever non-commercial Freshers events as well. Our incredibly limited budget has us working particularly hard on this finding some deals to put on some amazing events. Good news for you guys though….. We will have a week filled with day time non-commercial events for you to enjoy and alternative evening events for those of you who prefer a non-alcohol or non-clubbing Freshers!

I’m so sorry for this massive blog, but I thought it best share everything from the conference with you and just be honest. I feel something I owe to you all for voting for me is honesty, and it’s something you can expect throughout the year. I am here because of you, I am president for you! Y     ou are my leaders, and I will aim to do the best job I can this year.