Welfairy predicts ‘The End is Nigh’.

*bites into whole Easter egg*

Every Student Ever, 2016

It’s that time of year. Assignment deadlines and the looming grey of ‘Exam Time’ lingers on the horizon. And your only response is…

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Yeah. Me too, hun.

So before/whilst y’all are off eating chocolate and crying (maybe there’s wine in there, maybe not) have a gander at my top 6 tips to survival in the last term (there would have been 10 but i didn’t want to repeat myself. 6 is enough. Like 6 slices of a pizza.)*

*I will talk about life after uni in another blog- another 'HA. Don't' topic, I know

1) A Healthy Diet…

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I don’t want to be ‘that  person’ but it’s super important. The occasional lapse of sanity can lead to entire Easter eggs being eaten and THAT amazingly delicious pizza chain being ordered but to survive- y’all need some vegetables. Fruit is good too. Put a punnet of grapes next to you for snackage. Also, Drink lots of water, especially if you’re staring at a PC for AAAAAGES cause your eyes are just going to turn into shrivelled balls of sadness otherwise*
*not scientifically proven.

Cherries are good for calming the nervous system.
Grapes relax your blood vessels.
Oranges help maintain good skin and vision.
& Bananas give you energy. They also look funny so that’s just a bonus.

2) Time out.

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Whether it’s napping, a long walk or lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. Just give your lovely brain a break. I researched this and one website said “The best way to study is to focus for between 40 and 90 minutes, then take a 10 minute break” (Study Tips,2016). I however this this is the worst idea ever. BUT everybody works differently. Also, don’t give up the things that you normally do, keep up your hobbies! Just make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to chill.

3) Exercise.

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Somehow, sat in a chair/lying in bed studying can completely exhaust you in the same way going for a cheeky job does. But you neeeeed to keep your bod moving so that you don’t turn into a slug. Whether its a gym sesh, a wander down the road or a mad 5 minute dance to obnoxiously loud music. Just make your body move.
Yoga is apparently DA BOMB. The breathing techniques which Yoga gives you is greaaaaat for calming down.

4) Conversation

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Sitting in a dark room wrapped in blankets with only a single light so you can read is totally fine, but not alllll the time. Give yourself and break, go see your friends and talk about something OTHER than how much you want to feed your essay to sharks. Bitching and moaning is definitely okay too though.
Most importantly, if you are really struggling, talk to your lecturer or Personal Tutor. They are actual human beings not just lecture giving robots, they’re there for you! Although, word to the wise- don’t go sending any drunk emails it could lead to some Awky mo mo’s. Okay, glad we’ve established that.

5) Relaxin’

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If you have a bath. Great. Have one. Like now. If not, long showers are good. And if you’re not a bath or shower kinda person that’s okay (please remember to wash) then here’s my suggestion. Get yourself on youtube and watch/listen to some ASMR videos. My lovely pal reccommended this to me and it’s meant to be sensational. ASMR stand for ‘Autonomous sensory meridian response’ which is basically…

“…a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation.”

-(Wikipedia, 2016)

oh my god, please. I have always wanted to reference wikipedia. How funny. Sozzin’ lecturers. AHAH.

The videos have sounds in them which trigger this reaction and it can be really useful for chillin’. Give it a go. Dare ya.
Something which I have been looking into is smells, particularly secnted candles, and how that can help. I got myself a little wax burner and a bag of tealight from B & M and then googled some aromatherapy!

Rosemary stimulates the brain. It can improve mental performance.
Peppermint oils are known to relieve mental fatigue. They also enhance alertness and memory.
Lemon has been known to enhance mental clarity. Plus, it can reduce stress and depression.
Eucalyptus oil is most commonly used to open the sinuses and bronchial passages. It is also used to relieve headaches and mental fatigue.
Lavender is one of the most widely used aromatherapy scents. It is uplifting and relaxing.
Jasmine is used to fight stress and anxiety. It is also an antidepressant.
Thyme may help improve memory. It can boost concentration too. Thyme has also been know to relax the nervous system.
Sandalwood is often used to calm the nerves. It induces relaxation. It has very spiritually warming properties.

Peppermint is my personal fave as it smells sort of like Olbas oil.. just so you know…

6) Self Confidence

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You’re only human and assignments are HARD.  Even if you’ve only got 1000 words to do and your mate has 4000, don’t feel bad for moaning about it. It’s still tough. But the key thing is to have confidence in yourself and your work, you’ve got yourself this far- YOU CAN DO IIIIIIIT.


So put down that Easter Egg and get cracking.

You’ve got this.

Welfairy, out.


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