Rosie makes a Post – Elections 101

Hi folks!

You may have seen me, your friendly neighbourhood VP Academic Rep, out promoting elections over the past few days. On Wednesday night I went around Founders & Main Halls handing out pasta and elections propaganda. It’s a good time!

Right now we’re in our nominations period – meaning if you or someone you know is thinking of standing, or would like more information, the time is now! You can see information on our website here.

But when you have decided to stand, how do you go about it? When you have decided to stand, what are the key things to remember during campaigning?

We at the Students’ Union are doing workshops on all of this next week, but I just wanted to write a blog on one of the key things during elections that everyone forgets about, but is super, super important.


feelin myself
Feelin’ myself… care.


As someone with anxiety, I’m being 100% honest when I say that campaign week was one of the worst weeks of my life. I barely ate, didn’t sleep, & made myself very, very sick.
On top of campaigning it was the final week before my second year play, so as well as campaigning I was rehearsing and studying, as many people do when running in SU elections.
My campaign team consisted of me, & I had a little help from three friends, although due to their own commitments with university and work, they were unable to help me too much.

I should’ve taken time out to take care of myself, and I didn’t. And I struggled massively with mental health and physical health issues during-and-post elections because of the strain and stress I put myself through.

Campaigning is intimidating, & there will be people running who look like they have it all together, & will have more experience. That 1000% does not mean they are guaranteed to win, & that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run.

But the outcome of the election is NOT the be all and end all.

It gets really intense, and at points you may genuinely feel like you have to win. But losing an election isn’t the end. I know, because I lost an election before I ran for Vice President. And look at that, I won second time round.

Losing doesn’t mean you weren’t a good candidate, and it does not define or determine you.

I have a problem now that I seem to run in every election that comes up, (I don’t seem able to control myself ) & every time I put myself forward I get the same fear. And I still struggle to eat & I still struggle to sleep. But I know that it’s worth it, & I know that I can push myself through it, & I know that I can do it. It just took taking the plunge.
If you’re thinking about running but are held back because of worry and stress or mental health reasons please drop me a message or come & have a chat.

Lots of love,

Rosie McKenna,

Vice President Academic Representation


A Guest blog from..? Edge Hill University.



It’s well-known that one of the most important factors to be successful at University is your health and wellbeing, and sometimes we all need a little bit of a boost! A lot of us find ourselves burning the candle at both ends, and this makes it even more important to find a good balance between valuable time for yourself and time for study. As semester 2 gets underway, don’t forget to fuel your brain cells into action by drinking plenty of water and be kind to yourself by eating some healthy snacks (brain food!) when you’re out and about on campus.

day1DSC_2000-L - CopyNext week, Learning Services is launching “Food for thought”, to help you think about how you balance your wellbeing with your studies. Throughout the first week of February (Monday 1st to Friday 5th) we will be providing free healthy snacks and water to help you get that feel-good factor while you study with us!

Come to the 1st floor of the University library between 11am – 2pm and see one of our Student Advisors to grab your freebies and find out how we can support you!

On top of this, we are also running two short workshops with our wonderful colleagues in Student Services which will focus on helping you respond to the daily demands of student life at University. After all, when we feel happy, we work better.

The first workshop Think positive. Feel positive. Study positive (Tuesday 2nd Feb) concentrates on understanding how your feelings and emotions can impact on your academic performance and event your daily life. It’s difficult to take a step back, but doing so can help you to build your confidence, improve your problem solving abilities and challenge negative thoughts with a more helpful response. Come along to this workshop to find out how! (Book here)

Then, on Thursday 4th Feb we have Stop putting things off and start getting things done! which will help you to understand the cycle of procrastination and how to get out of it, get organised and get things done! (Ideal for that one assignment you simply can’t stop putting off!) In this workshop you will learn how to start tasks earlier and feel more confident in starting, progressing and finishing your tasks on time. (Book here)

The workshops will take place in the University library 2nd floor meeting room, which is also the home of our Academic Skills workshops.

Any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!