Rosie Makes a Post – Why Course Reps are Important

Ok, being honest, I didn’t just volunteer to be a Course Rep. I hounded my tutor about it until we had our ‘election.’ Back in those days we didn’t have democracy, we stuck our hands up and 4 of us were chosen. Two single honours students, two joint honours students.

chosen one

I, admittedly, mainly wanted to be a rep in the first instance to put it on my CV. Because I had no idea what I really wanted to do when I graduated, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to have an extra thing to say I’d done.

no idea

But I quickly discovered that representation was my gig. Re-validating courses, feeding into the department, making sure the student voice was heard. And the little wins that the Performing Arts Course Reps won on our Student Staff Consultative Forum’s, like approving a graduation ball for the department, like getting no – shoe rehearsal rooms for dance students so they weren’t rolling around in dirt other students trekked in, like fixing the little issues that actually affected students.

And it was those things that definitely helped to inspire my decision to run for Vice President, so I could change things for all students, across the university.

When I was a Course Rep, the training was meeting with the relevant VP and sitting through a PowerPoint. Which was why one of my manifesto pledges was to ‘revolutionize the course rep system.’

les mis

And alongside our new dedicated Union staff member, that has happened. With democratic elections, not selection by tutors. With our Student Leader Development Day, so Course Reps will get actual, relevant training. And with briefings and de–briefings for SSCF’s and Faculty Boards so reps can feel confident going into meetings, and know how to chase up the outcomes after.


Course Reps make change for their peers. Course Reps are so important to the democracy and representation of the union. Course Reps are so important to the student experience, for both their peers, and for their own as well.

Summary, Course Reps are important.

david tennant

Lots of love,

VP Ac. Rep.

If you’re a Course Rep or Society Committee member, and you’re interested in our Student Leaders Development Day, just click here for more information and to register for the event!


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