The first time! :S

Whether it’s the first time you’re going to be living away from home, the first time you’ve bought a frying pan or the first time you’ve been away from your cat for more than a week. The next year is going to hold so many firsts for you. It’s going to be overwhelming and scary but also so much fun and different to anything you’ve experienced before.

So now’s the time you forget all about school, college or work, you’ve got the grades needed and you’re in! (Congratulations!)


The first thing you need to know about university is that it is nothing like school. It is the first time in your education that you are going to be 100% trusted to do your own thing in both your studies and your life. Of course, there are loads of places where you can get help and advice during your time at Edge Hill.

You’ve got one week left until you move in, the summer has gone super-fast, and now it’s time to pack and move into your accommodation for the next year.

The main thing to bear in mind when coming to university is that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone will be nervous, everyone will be excited. Many of them will be cooking for themselves for the first time, and have no idea how to use a washing machine (Or, me for example – I still can’t use one either!).


Basically, there is no “one size fits all” survival guide to your first time at university, so the best suggestion from me would be to get out there and make the most of it.

So you better get packing, and we’ll see you next week!


VP Welfare


Blog laaaa

Hello there people of the world!

It’s time for my blog so hopefully the next 500 words or so will give you an idea of where we are at in terms of Societies, Sports teams and events.

So Societies…… First off, can I thank all the societies that have completed all the relevant paperwork to re-affiliate if you haven’t …get a wiggle on! Something for you guys to look out for… I am looking at creating a society of the month scheme, I have adopted this from Loughborough who assure me it’s fantastic  promotion for you guys, so watch out for that! Just as a side note, we are getting a good number of new societies wanting to be affiliated, well done to you guys!

Moving on… Sports teams! A LOT of work is going on behind the scenes trying to get things in place for you guys, Believe me when I say that we are prepared to listen to you, take on board what you want, and do our best to make them happen. It’s a pragmatic process, this delivering sport business however I do believe that if we work together, talk to each other, hold regular drop in sessions and meetings we can change sport for the better. And on that note…

Sports and Societies committee training day 16th September!
Remember the date please guys, this day is so so important as this is where we can explain where we are at, then get feedback from you guys and come up with an agreed strategy on how to move forward. This will all be alongside us providing workshops aimed at developing your skills as committee members! An email will be sent out soon detailing the ins and outs of this so please keep an eye out in your inboxes.

PLUG/ADVERTISMENT ALERT! Edge hill is awesome… this is an idea I have had through my many YouTube binges. I’m sure a lot of you are aware of a series of clips called ‘people are awesome’ (If you haven’t seen it check it out). I really want to adopt this and put a unique Edge Hill twist on it. This video aims to showcase the weird and wonderful skill sets that students of Edge Hill have!
I have an enthusiastic group of students who are willing to do the leg work on this and I can’t thank them enough! (If you want to get involved please get in contact J). So please keep an eye out for ‘Edge Hill is awesome’.

I could put my ‘to do’ list on which is currently   2 sides of A4, however, i dont want to spoil you too early on ! :).

If you want any further details on anything please feel free to email me !

Peace , Have a good weekend! x



Hello again all, Matty here.

Well, it is out there. Our Welcome Week line up for 2016 should hopefully have reached you all by now and what a line up it is.

Massive is likely to be the main operative word I use throughout the majority of this blog.

Firstly, (MASSIVE) changes to our regular line up. We feel this year we have been able to provide a much more varied, enticing and diverse line up for you. With us holding back on some of the regular occurrences that seemed embedded in Edge Hill tradition, we have made room for a range of activities and events for you to take part in. Thus making this years Welcome Week that much more special, as opposed to any other ‘standard’ Edge Hill Students’ Union Welcome, of years gone by.

Next, (MASSIVE) events. As you may have seen in some of the media we sent out recently, we now have a number of BIG day time events. I think that this is one of the truly great (MASSIVE) additions to this years Welcome Week that has perhaps been called for more in the past.

I would like to start off with Monday Funday (a phrase many in the organisation appear to giggle at when spoken in my slightly mancunian twang). Beyond the obvious importance of the Welcome Fair, held every year, this Fun day is bound to be awesome (and MASSIVE). A huge (kind of MASSIVE) selection of inflatables, obstacle courses and activities to bring out your competitive edge. We have a number of (MASSIVE) night time events throughout welcome week, the most notable obviously the club nights. Who could not say it is a (MASSIVE) pleasure to have Radio 1 DJs Scott Mills and Chris Stark, along with artist Tinchy Stryder. Not forgetting our (MASSIVE) social night on Wednesday, as always normally the biggest night of the week.

And we couldn’t not give a (MASSIVE) mention to the Welcome Fair. As has been previously stated, this is perhaps the most important event in establishing your future at University and even life beyond University. Go along, ask questions and find out what you may want to be a part of. I came with an idea of one group I wanted to join and it has honestly changed my life, opened up so many doors and left a lasting (MASSIVE) impact with me, I am sure I will carry for the rest of my life.

(Massive) Changes to the bar, we have been busy over summer and actually created another new bottle bar in the quad. Many of you I know will be grateful for its impact on reducing congestion on those busy nights. Without revealing too much, here is a sneak preview of its early stages.

Bar Preview

A new menu, with (MASSIVE) changes. We now offer a much bigger variety of both food and drink.

There has been plenty of planning taking place over the summer. I am actually really excited for it to start. I am ever so proud of what the new team are managing to achieve so early on.

MASSIVE changes, MASSIVE plans, MASSIVE acts, MASSIVE events, MASSIVE welcome.

Hope my blog this week has only been short and not too massive…

See you all soon,

Matt (EHSU President) x



The sun rises over Chancellors’ Beach, ducks waddle between peaceful lakes, baby birds
tweet across hidden roof gardens, and I am PUMPED for Welcome Week.

Results day is over, and congratulations are in order to all our NEW STUDENTS (FAR TOO EXCITING), and family & friends, who’ve worked so hard to be here today.

Irrelevant of what grades were received, a thing I truly love about Edge Hill is its nurturing approach to growing people. We are not here to meet quotas, we’re here to leave better than when we arrived.

VP Academic might sound like I’m here to supervise your studies or be something a bit dry – but my job is to make sure you’re given the best possible treatment by the University, and that certainly doesn’t just come down to your degree class (Although I’ll certainly always be here to help you achieve the best grades possible).

Whatever you, your sibling, son, daughter or anyone else we love, achieved this summer – It was growth. Grades don’t matter half as much as great people do.

But, Welcome Week! I know many of you have told me you’re “literally dying” to find out what the line-up is. Well…

jonah hill.gifjonah hilljonah hill

Forgive me, I couldn’t resist. Ha! Did you really think I’d tell? Full details are released in THREE DAYS (22.08.16). I know emails are being prepared, and of course, you will see it all over our social media. After that, we can tell you anything and everything you could ever want to know about our amazing plans!


This time of year, especially for second and third years, I think is always a tricky one. Summers been going for a while now and many people are eager beavers to get back, possibly move into their first house of their own (EVER) and see all their wonderful friends again. Which is fab, but (and this applies to all you first years too, so listen up!)






When everyone’s back, it will be AMAZING. But that doesn’t mean you should spend your whole summer waiting for it! These three years (including summers) are precious, and you only get to do them once.

  • HappinessEmbrace Them
  • Get Involved
  • Better Yourself
  • And LIVE!

The best way to achieve all this when you come back is taking part in university life! Join our sports teams, get involved in our societies and be the voice for others as student reps. Whatever year you’re beginning, why not try something new this season?

As always, get in touch if you want to know more. That’s it from me for now, but don’t forget to check our social media on Monday for everything welcome related.

Stay awesome, and make sure to make your summer awesome.

Much love,



Bits and Bobs But All Important

Hello there!

So we are a month and a wee bit into our term and as you can imagine its crazy busy! There has been so much going on between conferences and meetings so I will skim over a few things in this blog however if you have any questions please feel free to email me

Last week I attended an NUS conference (Lead and Change) at Leeds Beckett University, where I had the chance to meet and greet sabbatical officers from all over the country. This, like the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) conference I attended, was filled with enthusiastic sabbatical officers who all share a common goal of giving students the best possible opportunities and experiences.
During this conference I attended a seminar regarding the barriers women face in participating in sport. As we have a huge female population at this university, it only seemed right to find out how we can support and encourage more women to take part in recreational or competitive sport. I aim to work with our Women’s officer (Rosie Mckenna) to try and implement BUCS initiatives targeting women in sport.

Leading onto this, I suppose a huge piece of news is that as of August 1st, Edge Hill Students’ Union has the privilege of delivering sport. This was due to the tireless work by the previous sabbatical team which I personally can’t thank them enough for. As an ex member of a sports team myself, I understand some of the problems that occurred and will do my utmost to correct them. I am sure that you guys want all the answers as soon as possible, for which I can’t blame you. So, rest assured that the sabbatical officers and staff members are working endlessly to get everything in place so we can all hit the ground running this season.

Here is a link to our Changeover Statement :)

Now i understand that this may be a boring read for some so here is a mini-clip of a guy who is just loving life…..

Now back to business……
We are also developing our ‘Give It A Go’ (GIAG) programme. This initiative does what it says on the tin. Students can have a fun and FREE (where possible) experience trying something different. We are creating a timetable which will include our very own societies and sports team’s sessions and offer some exciting classes, trips and experiences that you can get involved with. Networking with other universities who have established GIAG programmes, has shown me its true potential as they actually have a full time member of staff dedicated to the ‘Give It a Go’ programme! So keep an eye out in early October and make sure you ‘Give It a Go’.

So that’s me guys! If you have any questions, ideas, queries, ANYTHING, then please get in contact or swing by the office.



Lee (VP Activities)

Did someone say Welcome Week?

Helloooooo, I am your new Vice President of Welfare at Edge Hill’s [Awesome] Students’ Union!

The first day in the office, battling for the desk by the window and the chair that squeaks the least seems so far away. It’s August already!! Where has the time gone?

And let’s not forget, only 6 weeks until Welcome Week!!

Scared cat

Having only just graduated myself [Whoop Whoop!] I am well aware that coming to University is not just about studying hard and gaining a top degree. Although that is obviously the ideal outcome, there is so much more to University life.

Growing as a person, finding out who you really, are, making friends for life, independence, learning something new, etc. University can be whatever you want it to be and make the most of it!! Because, believe me, you’ll be graduating before you know it!


So last week I was given the opportunity to attend Keele University for an NUS Lead and Change conference.

It was incredible.

I met so many amazing people [#Networkingpro], learnt so many new things [The Scottish Sabbs are the best at karaoke] and just had an overall incredible time and have come back with loads of new ideas on how to improve your student experience and make your time here the best it can be.

Lead and change

So in the build up to Welcome Week, we’re all soooooooo busy! With our heads full of ideas, calendars jam packed, endless amounts of emails, phone calls and planning, I can honestly say [Slightly biased ofcourse] that it’s going to be the best week of your lives!

And before I give away any of the fantastic plans we have in store, I will leave you all to have an awesome summer!

Your VP Welfare xx

Tripping flat on my face, taking 3 academics with me?!

Hello, Lovelies!adele

I have returned from the wonderful land of Lincoln with lots of fab new friends, knowledge, and ideas, just for you!

Man, what a week!


So, as your VP, I got the privilege of getting stuck in at NUS Lead & Change hosted by Lincoln SU, an amaaazing conference full of beautiful people (inside and out) who came from Students’ Unions around the country. Everyone was there for one purpose – to make ourselves the best, so we can make your lives the best!

On returning, I was honoured to present some Student Led Staff Awards at graduation slsaceremonies across the week. Kind of self-explanatory, but these awards are a great chance for students to say who’s had a positive impact on their life at Edge Hill, and allows us to recognise them for that!

As a first year, the Grad environment is so surreal. This is a day everyone in the room will remember for the rest of their lives, and I got to say I was there.



Scared I would trip flat on my face, down the stairs, taking 3 academics with me?


Worth it?


If you did want to relive the day your life changed or simply watch me & the other sabbs all robed up looking v. serious, all the vids are in a handy playlist here:

Otherwise, here’s a snazzy pic of me having a bit too much fun in a cap and gown (Shhhh… they totally think I’m a grad). 13700029_10205937829759045_925462451666565515_n

As always,this job really does mean the world to me & I’m working non-stop to bring you some awesome projects in September. They might be top secret now, but I promise you they’ll be worth the wait!

Any issues with absolutely anything at all – pea or planet sized, get in touch and I’d loooove to help you out! <3

heart emojiThat’s all from me, so have a rad summer beautiful people,

Rachel Arland,

VP Ac, over & out!

Blog Number 2 – Graduation Week

Hi again, this is Matty (SU President)

So another week has passed (very quickly), but what an exciting week it has been! As you may have noticed from the numerous posts of pictures and statuses across all forms of social media, this week has been GRADUATION WEEK!!

I would just like to say a MASSIVE well done to all those who have been celebrating their success this week, the hard work has paid off and you now have a whole world of opportunities ahead of you.

Lauren (VP Welfare) and myself were fortunate to have our graduation early in the week on Monday, a fantastic gathering of all our course mates and congratulations received from staff and lecturers. I was lucky enough to enjoy the special day with all my family, who appeared very proud, beaming smiles stifling back tears of happiness.

I know that Lee (VP Activities) was very chuffed yesterday to see his sister surprise him for his graduation, returning all the way from Hong Kong (without his knowledge) making it that bit more special.

For the rest of the week we were very busy in our official capacities with each of us attending a number of ceremonies to hand out the Student-Led Staff Awards. I have heard great things about many of the recipients so would like to firstly congratulate them but also thank them for the hard work they have put in to help us all graduate.

An added perk from this was the VIP Lunch. As many of you know, I am a big fan of my food so this was a wonderful little treat (Menu Attached). Along with directorate and Tanya Byron (Edge Hill Chancellor) I was lucky to attend with David Morrissey, who a few may know as ‘The Governor’ in the television series The Walking Dead.

It has been very emotional seeing a majority of my third year friends all together for perhaps the last time but one which was most enjoyable. I feel honoured that I have even been able to attend some of their ceremonies and help celebrate around campus with them.

Rachel herself has been very busy this week, as she headed up to Lincoln for the NUS Conference on Lead and change. I know she seems to have picked up loads of new knowledge and ideas to help arm her in her battles this year and she will be delighted to share some highlights of her trip with you next week.

So, just a quick one from us for now, but I would like to again congratulate every single one of you who graduated this week, on behalf of the team. Enjoy your celebrations.


Your Student’s Union President




p.s. Some photos from the special day…


Some brainy Mathematicians… and me.


BSc (Hons) Secondary Education with Mathematics cohort, with our wonderful lecturers. I wish all the best in the future to you all and many thanks for the great times we’ve spent together. Missing out Su!

Yum yum!  :P

Some photos of the big lad receiving his degree then with the boys.

Blog Numero Uno, Officers 2016-2017

Hi all, this is Matty (EHSU President)!

Well, the four of us are coming to the end of our first two weeks now and thought it about time we started our sabbatical blogs, aimed to try and share a bit more about the role, with you, and increase awareness of what we do. We decided to start off with a shared blog between the four of us, document some of the training we have been involved in and some of the individual events, activities and meetings we have attended.

After next week, we will be taking it in turns to post a blog each week, in which we will delve more in to our individual roles, highlighting some key areas of interest we have taken part in throughout the month.

So I shall leave you with Rachel (VP Academic Representation) to start off and I hope you enjoy the read!


Hey Guys, Rachel here!

So this week we’ve had loads of fun getting stuck in after our residential. The residential was a great way for us to get clued up on the union’s ins and outs and make sure we’re ready to give you the best possible experience at Edge Hill this year! The biggest thing I’ve been super busy with is preparing our fresh look for the student rep system alongside Matty (SU President). This is such a key part of our job here at the union, making sure every student gets their voice heard. Reps are invaluable and I love how it’s a win-win all round – we get vital feedback to support our students, the university knows how to improve, and you guys get to walk away with a killer CV! I can’t wait to share it with all of you in the near future, so watch this space!

Much love,

Your fave VP Academic, Rach!


Hi Guys!

Week two is nearly over, yet it feels like we’ve been here so much longer… My main focus this week has been on planning and organising events for the year ahead. After sitting down with the previous VP Welfare not long ago, I feel confident that I have a good understanding on where Welfare is at and where it needs to go this year. All of my work at the moment is TOP SECRET. However, I would love to hear any more suggestions to make your year at Edge Hill even more incredible!!!

That’s all from me for now but, exciting times ahead!

Your VP Welfare, Lauren :’)


Hello there!

These first few weeks have been incredible! Between going to Wigan for training then to Warwick for the BUCS national conference…. It’s been a busy start but utterly amazing. The BUCS conference I attended was eye opening and thought provoking. Disruptive Innovation was the key theme throughout the conference and the various key note speakers (Including Princess Anne!!) put their own spin on what they thought disruptive innovation within sport should look like. Throughout the conference I was picking the brains of everyone seeing what works in their institutions. Networking with universities from all over the UK has got my brain filled with ideas on how to increase the student experience in sport here at EHU.

Alongside all this, I’m working with staff members to implement a Give It A Go event whereby societies and sport teams have a chance to … you guessed it… GIVE IT A GO. Keep an eye out, it’s coming soon. I really am looking forward to working with societies this year, another idea I would love to get going is a ‘Society on Tour’ programme but more about that in my next blog.

Hope everyone is having a sick summer and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Peace, Lee Arrowsmith VP activities.


Hi again,

I hope the VP’s have been able to give you a quick overview about what they have been up to these first two weeks.

As for myself I have been rather busy. The residential was a great experience to gather as much knowledge and training in the role. Perhaps the best setting for the event as even after training we had the opportunity to ask any burning questions we still had. I definitely feel much more adapt in my ability to tackle any issues and project our campaigns throughout the year.

Besides the residential I have been heavily involved in a lot of meetings early on in my term. On my first day in office I attended a Board of Governors meeting with Directorate and governors of the University (the highest board within university) giving reports on the running and projects of the Students’ Union. John Cater (Vice-Chancellor) and others were more than welcoming.

Rachel and myself took part in our first Academic Board. It was highly interesting to see progressions the University are taking along with recent updates such as the Teaching Excellence Framework consultation.

Finally, this morning I headed in to Ormskirk for a joint meeting between Edge Hill University and the West Lancashire Borough Council. Here I was privy to some more changes hopefully improving the local area, especially with regards to transport in to University for those who live off campus.

This finalises our first blog as your Full Time Officers, I hope you have had an interesting read and are a little more aware of just a number of things we do.

We have loads planned and are all looking forward to an exciting year!! We hope you are too…

See you all soon,

Matty, EHSU President.


Sabbs 2 2016-17