Do you know who I am?

Hi all,

So… October is already upon us and here at the Students’ Union we wanted to start this month off explaining some of the things we have going on around campus, that you should look out for.

For those of you who don’t know, October is Black History Month in the UK. Throughout this month, many people throughout the nation celebrate and recognize key and inspirational individuals or historic events from the BME community. The focus is around those who have pushed and fought for an improved society, contributed to the development and progression of governments as well as people as a whole. During this month, we give attention to those who have led the way, from those who achieved the right for black people to vote, to those who inspire us and perform in art, sport and culture.

Throughout this month, we here at the Students’ Union, led by Sherry (our BME Officer, see picture above) will be looking to achieve a number of things. We hope to increase awareness, encompass a brief history, and celebrate some of the cultures held by different BME groups.

During the month, we will highlight and pay tribute to individuals who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to a more equal world, where racial discrimination and segregation do not play a part. Each week, we will consider key politicians, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who worked toward liberation. Many of our sports teams and societies also have amazing campaigns planned, all looking to raise awareness, so be sure to look out for them.

As you walk through the hub, you may see some faces begin to appear on our bridge. Our question is ‘do you know who I am?’. We want you to think about who that person is, what they are famous for and some things they have achieved.


Our first blog is on Martin Luther King.



Martin Luther King is perhaps one of the most well known, non-violent leaders in BME History. Through powerful speeches and inspirational words, he was at the forefront of change in America for African-American Civil rights. Time’s Person of the year in 1963, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Some of his major accomplishments include

  • Leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • First president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • Led the Birmingham Campaign making change to many discriminatory laws
  • Instrumental in the great march on Washington
  • Delivering powerful speeches including “I have a dream” to over 250,000 people – polled in 1999 by scholars as the top American speech
  • Behind African-Americans getting basic civil rights such as the right to vote and desegregation
  • Youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Became a symbolic leader of African Americans



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