Free food?!

T’was the friday before Welcome, when all through uni;

Not a timetable ungiven, not even P.E.

The banners were hung across campus with care;

In hopes that new students, soon would be there.

Cheese aside, hey guys! There’s now less than 48 hours to go till the start to the new term,brad-pit i.e. get hyped!

Both here at the union, and across the university, the very final prep is being made to bring back the best thing about Edge Hill – our students. Whether it’s your first day, or your third year, we can’t wait to have you here, and there really is something for everyone to get stuck into across the next week. Not only night-time events in the club, but activities during the day you can bring friends and family along to too! As you will have seen, our Welcome Week line-up has been announced (see here –, and the response has been amazing.

pizzaIt was such a pleasure for us to meet so many of you yesterday at Welcome Thursday, our event for those residing off-campus to come and enroll. There was free pizza, free icecream, free popcorn, and of course tonnes of amazing students filled with enthusiasm!  (But nothing tastes quite as good as free food…don’t worry guys, plenty more on Sunday!).

These days where we get to spend time with you, find out how it’s going and hear what you want to see, is what our job is all about. We want to hear your voice, and relay that in our work, and with the introduction of the ‘Your Ideas’ platform on our website, we are making your voice bigger every day. your-ideas

If you’re not familiar with ‘Your Ideas’, it’s time to clue up! EHSU loves feedback, and we build on everything we receive. We do this because we want your time here to be as fantastic as possible. At any time in the year you can submit an idea. Providing it’s legal, we’ll put it up for students to vote for or against and even leave comments. Your idea will stay up for 30 days and if it has at least 30 votes with a majority in favour, it’ll go to the relevant meeting to see how to move forward!

In the meantime, I know many of you have burning questions on a multitude of issues, so I’ve popped a little list below with some things you might find useful!

Sports and Societies – All their details can be found on our website below, and they’ll all be at our welcome fair this wednesday (21/09/16) to meet, greet, answer questions and help you if you’d like to sign up!

Advice and Support – if things changed and something didn’t worked out as planned – money, housing, your course or absolutely anything else you want to talk about, our free advice service is here, year round, to help you out!

email  or call 01695 657301

Getting Started Packs – Hopefully you will have received all this in emails or post, but we all lose track of things sometimes so here’s a link to all the ‘Getting Started’ guides put together by the University.

Student finance – SFE (Student Finance England) has produced a guide that (hopefully) covers anything you might be unsure of.

That’s all from me for now, but I look forward to seeing you all back on campus next week, and any issues, questions or concerns, do get in touch so we can help you out.


Your VP Academic, Rachel :)







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