What is a blog? What am I doing? How do you spell….. Here goes nothing…….

what am i doing

Guys, I’ve finally got round to writing my first blog wohooooooo!! Anyway, I’m Steve and I’m your newly elected Students’ Union president! I don’t want to use this time to write about myself, but rather about The Union, what a President does, what I’ve been doing so far and what I have potentially planned for the next year!

Who the ^*$* are the Union?anything you wish

NO! WE ARE NOT JUST A BAR! The Students’ Union here at Edge Hill is completely separate from the institution. We are a registered charitable organisation, meaning any money we make from anything always goes back into the business to organise more things for YOU!

The word we should always emphasise is Students’, as all Edge Hill students are EHSU members. We can and will represent you in everything you wish us to regarding the University. We are completely independent from the University, meaning we avoid any conflicts of interest and our sole focus will ALWAYS be representing our members fairly and equally.


Mr President

So what does a president do? Well that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out over the last 2 weeks! When I ran for president, I just thought I got to organise lots of fun things; oh how wrong I was!!! The responsibility that comes along with the role is insane! My main aim is the progression of the Students’ Union, which covers a huge area! I also have to chair boards, be a trustee, sit on board of governors, and go to lots of important meetings regarding the University…. I mean, ME! Really? Who thought that would be a good idea?

All jokes aside, it has been an incredible experience, and I’m learning so much!!

why-are-you-doing-this-to-me-sadFacebook… And what else?

So between my president page and my personal page, I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing posts and statuses. Please forgive me, I’m just sooooo excited at the minute that if I’m not typing I’m just rocking back and forward on my chair wanting to do something!!

I’ve chaired our board of trustee’s meeting, met with the local council, been to academic board, been liaising with all the directorate (the fancy people) and planning the year!

I’ve been researching the impact of legal and illegal substances on students, working to ensure our sports are open everyone, irrespective of sex, age, sexual identity or physical abilities, setting up meetings with various NUS representatives, analysing the impact the budget last week will have on students (I love numbers; how sad) and am currently preparing a report to submit to the University…. But I can’t tell you what about for now :(

Should Edge Hill be scared?tumblr_nhzg1oeqpX1tl1i2no1_500

So what have I got in place for you? Well, the simple answer to that is absolutely nothing so far! How useless am I? That’s not to say that we haven’t been constantly working to get plans in place, it’s just a lot more difficult than we originally thought!!

Right now we’re figuring out how we can put daytime fresher’s events on for you with a huge budget of….. £0000000000000!! On top of that, we’re working on a review of societies and course reps with our two fantastic new staff members.

Then we have our Vice Presidents; Rosie is working very hard on placement review, Lauren on housing and Pat on our society review! We’ve also got some great ideas to continue SAFE week, and of course Codie’s EHSU <3 Consent!

Personally, a lot of my work is around planning how to raise alcohol and drug awareness, having better sexual health advice and services, ensuring our sports teams are free from discrimination for everyone and not eating lots of sandwiches at meetings (you know, those exciting meetings I always talk about).

Anyway, sorry for the long blog and apologies in advance for the pollution your Facebooks will have to endure this year. Expect BIG things from all the officers and the entire SU, I am so excited for the University to be full come September!!


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