A Southerner venturing up North for Uni

Hi all, thought I’d best get up and running and write my first ever blog. Not really sure what my subjects about but hopefully as you continue reading it will make some sense and may even be a moral to the story. But hey, even if there’s not, I hope its good read.

So for many students, joining University isn’t just about gaining a degree, in fact that’s only one small part of it. Having been here for 3 years now it’s safe to say I have massively changed and developed as a person, even though when you join Uni you think you’re pretty mature and old, but you’ve got so much learning ahead of you. My development has been strange I suppose, as I consider myself a big kid, and somehow I think / hope that will never change. So I guess I’ve just become slightly harder working, a bit more organised, but yet I still have no idea what I really want to do with my life… I’m not too sure anyone does to be honest.

Before heading up to Liverpool from Brighton, it’s easy to say I quickly jumped to conclusions and stereotyped ‘scousers’. Stories and tales of car wheels being robbed, being told to lock my car door wherever I go, and being told no matter how slow Liverpudlians speak, you still wont understand them. However this being said, since joining Edge Hill I have never met a more humorous, friendly and welcoming bunch of people, and have made a lot of very close friends, who all of course have that dodgy accent. Think I’ve just come up with my first moral… “Never judge a book by its cover” :D

So, some tips for being at Uni as I feel it could be quite handy for some Freshers joining this year..

For me joining a sports team was the best thing I ever did. I think without them I would have really struggled, and could have definitely seen myself dropping out. I play rugby union, so to be training or playing 2 or 3 times a week, as well as going out socialising and meeting other teams made starting life away from home a lot easier, building a good group of mates who you look to as your Uni family.

If you’re not one for sports then I would definitely recommend really getting to know your flat mates, other people in your block, or joining a society. Having people to talk to at Uni is very important. Without this connection with other people, halls can definitely seem like a lonely place, I know it did for me. “Is this really what University’s like?” was a question I found I was asking myself when I started, especially when you were unsure if Uni was really for you in the first place, leaving loved ones, a girlfriend/boyfriend, mates all at home. But just be yourself, embrace University, jumping in with two feet, and speak to anyone if you have any worries, because at the end of the day, you’re all in the same boat.

I think that’ll do for one day, excellent waffling displayed above, guess that’s another thing I’ve learnt from countless essays and presentations.

Hope to see you around

One thought on “A Southerner venturing up North for Uni

  1. Ha Ha! when I started at Edge Hill last year at the age of 50, I think I was justified in feeling pretty mature and old! However I have loved every moment and proved that you are never too old!


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