Training, Handovers & Independence day..


sorry. *ahem*


I am your new Vice President of Welfare at Edge Hill’s [incredibly awesome] Students’ Union – if you’re a current student you will have seen our office over the bridgey-type thing in the Hub where we all are working hard, and yes, in a true mulan fashion- getting down to business.

Lemme give you a quick introduction to your new team…  (to find out more- sneak over to the ‘About me’ section)

Steve (President)  11739699_10154023129287586_339024904_n

Steven is your Union President and our boss (we let him think he is). 

Rosie (VP Academic Representation)


Rosie is here to look after allllllllllll your Academic needs.

Rosie and Steven are taking what’s called a Sabbatical Year- basically a gap year- meaning they will take up study again after their year here at the SU!

…just kidding

Pat (VP Activities)


Pat is our Activities representative- he’ll be looking after all our societies and events that happen on/off campus.

Me- Lauren (VP Welfare)


I am your Welfare representative- any kind of help or advice you need, holla at me! …nicely

Pat and I have jut graduated with top notch degrees and are now Alumni- ooer.

So, what have we been doing in our first week?!

Well, the first couple of days were ‘handover’ days- so basically we listened to alooooooot of very important information, cans and can’ts, dos and don’ts etc and ate LOADS of biscuits. We also went to Manchester (woosabbsontour), firstly to visit Manchester Met’s Students’ Union- who are SUPER lucky with their new fancy building and such like where we met their team but also the Sabb team from UCLAN who are also all very lovely.

From there, we went to a training meeting with ‘Crowe Clark Whitehill’, an accountancy firm, who imparted their wisdomy ways on how to be a Trustee- a crucial part of our job here at the SU.

Then it was time to say goodbye…

The sabbatical team over the past year have been incredible- spearheading the Union into a brighter place. They have really made a difference and we hope we can do the same!


Thomas, Pat’s forehead, Steven, Codie, Kayley, Rosie, Lauren (me) & Tami

Independence day..

The day arrived where we were left alone.
We battled for desks and the most functioning laptop and got ourselves stuck into work. We got to grips with the ever busy calandars and future meetings we have to attend- aaah! It seemed super difficult initially.(but now, just a few days into it- i think we all have it down to a T)

On our first night alone, no don’t- it was genuinely scary- we had a trustee board. We’d had the training and knew what our responsibilities were but this was our first big meeting and we were, it’s safe to say, slightly nervy.
We rocked up, notepads and pens a-go-go, ready to tackle whatever was to be bought up. Thankfully there were sandwiches so this calmed our nerves partially.. When the other trustee board members arrived, we soon realised that we had nothing to worry about. We went through the agenda with ease and finesse, ironing out issues as we munched our way through the meeting. Delicious..

Throughout this article there has been several mentions of food..
Kayley, our previous president, warned us about ‘Sabb Fat‘.

Pretty much every meeting we attend has at least tea/coffee served but most have a little buffet. I am genuinely concerned for our wellbeing. SANDWICHES EVERYWHERE.


On a slightly lighter note (see what I did there),
this week has been a real test of our ability as a team, as a whole work force and as an individual- and to be completely honest- we’re LOVING it.

This year is going to be epic.

Lauren Blunds, over and out.

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